Get to Know Your 97X BBQ Headliner, Grouplove!

Get to Know Your 97X BBQ Headliner, Grouplove! 

Posted: 5:32 pm Friday, April 14th, 2017

By Kyle Taylor


GROUPLOVE to Headline the 97X BBQ in Tampa Bay The infectiously quirky indie rock band hailing from Los Angeles, actually came to fruition on a chance summer spent in a Greece art residency in the late 2000s. You probably first head of them because of the hype from their first album, Never Trust A Happy Song, that included the smash hit tracks “Colours” and “Tongue Tied”. Since that debut album that put them on the map, they have recorded two more full length albums, including 2016’s Big Mess, which you should be expecting to hear plenty of at this year’s BBQ. Being new parents and growing into adulthood while in a band was the basis for much of the album. Lead singers Hannah Hooper and Christian Zuconi recently had their first child, Willa, and that has drastically changed their lives since forming Grouplove nearly 10 years ago. Now, let’s take a look back at some of their past 97X moments and get hyped for their first festival headlining gig in Tampa Bay! Geo talking to Grouplove before Next Big Thing:

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Grouplove performing “Tongue Tied” in the 97X Green Room:

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  Grouplove performing “Tongue Tied” at Next Big Thing 12:

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