Bleachers Release New Song “Don’t Take the Money” featuring Lorde

Bleachers Release New Song “Don’t Take the Money” featuring Lorde 

Posted: 1:17 pm Friday, March 31st, 2017

By Kyle Taylor

It would be difficult to sum up Jack Antonoff’s career, style, or legacy in a just one word. Most people don’t realize how much unique talent the quirky front man of Bleachers has up his sleeve. When he’s not writing and producing music for Bleachers, the New Jersey bread indie pop band, you can find him working with pop superstars like Taylor Swift, Zayn, and Lorde, or hanging out in his Brooklyn apartment/ studio lined with animal print wallpaper (to recreate his childhood bedroom), JFK memorabilia,1990’s baseball card collection, and anything Bruce Springsteen. The sense of isolation and hopelessness that growing up in the shadows of New York City brought bout is palpable in most of Antonoff’s songs. So is his obsession with Springsteen and punk rock, two staples of growing up in New Jersey in the 90’s. Oh, and if he doesn’t sound interesting enough already, don’t forget he has a Grammy win under his belt for his work with the incredibly successful alt rock band, Fun.

Here’s a throwback to a 97x Green Room performance from Fun back in 2012. Jack Antonoff is the guitar player on the right (stage left).

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The newest album from Bleachers is expected to be due out at some point this year, and we just inched a bit closer to that after they released the first single, title “Don’t Take the Money” from that yet to be announced album. The song features backing vocals from Lorde who co-wrote the song with Antonoff. They released the song in perhaps the coolest way ever. A piñata effigy of Antonoff was left in NYC’s Union Square. Fans bashed open the piñata to find USB drives with the song. Watch that go down and listen to the song below.