Throwback Thursday: Musicians Take Sick Days Too

Throwback Thursday: Musicians Take Sick Days Too 

Posted: 11:20 am Thursday, March 9th, 2017

By Kyle Taylor

Our friends at Alt Press brought back some nostalgia yesterday when they posted this article titled “11 times a musician needed a sick day and the fill in was awesome“. While they didn’t overtly mention 97X, it is very obvious that the show in which Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance was replaced by Adam Lazzara of Taking Back Sunday, was indeed Next Big Thing 4 at Coachmen Park. That’s pretty cool. Surely that wasn’t planned, but this wouldn’t be relevant over a decade later if something remarkable didn’t happen. Way lost his voice, which isn’t unusual for bands who tour extensively, and when that happens, most bands will simply cancel their slated performances. Although My Chemical Romance didn’t play a full set, they didn’t leave the crowd empty handed. So, they took the stage with Adam Lazzara on vocals and left fans with a memory they probably won’t experience again.

Watch the video below:

In case you forgot, 97X was one of the first, probably first, commercial radio to play My Chemical Romance. Here’s a video to recap their relationship with us.