Okeechobee Day 2- Chobewobee Village and Aquachobee! 

Posted: 8:52 am Sunday, March 5th, 2017

By Nicole - Street Team


Day 2 of Okeechobee Fest was all about exploring! When we first entered the portal, we went straight to the stages to check out the bands in The Grove. This time, we decided to walk passed that and we discovered a portal into whole new worlds.
Let me just stay off with saying that Chobewobee Village and Aquachobee are 360 degree experiences. We didn’t even know where to look because there was so much going on but we loved every second! Right when you walk in there’s this small crazy stage where they had small EDM artists playing.
At night it lights up red and creates a completely different ambiance:
To the left of it was sort of an art installation that basically spits fire. People were crowding around it like a camp fire because the weather has actually been pretty chilly and working perfectly in our favor😍
You keep walking and there’s a wooden light up portal art piece that we couldn’t help but stare at for like ten minutes. With the Ferris wheel lit up in the background, it made for the perfect photo💁🏼
To the right of that, there was an installation called “The Shrine”. There were two smaller pieces leading up to a huge piece that was made fully out of recycled cans and metal material. Someone was actually making beats on the cans, which made the experience of “The Shrine” even more unique.
Towards the Ferris Wheel is where Aquachobee takes over. It’s like Okeechobee had a baby with the beach and birthed out this crazy place. During the day it was like a normal beach, people had their huge pool floaties, there were kites flying, and of course there was sand EVERYWHERE.
BUT AT NIGHT…. It’s a completely different experience which kind of blew our minds. We were attracted over there because we saw fire everywhere. It was being thrown and spun around, there was fire on the Dj booth, and the stage spit fire as the bass dropped. We walked over closer to the stage and we found this area where there was a girl doing amazing acrobats on a hanging hoop WHILE THE CEILING WAS ON FIRE. I’m not even joking… Look at this: