Okeechobee Day 1 – Young The Giant, Lewis Del Mar, and more!

Okeechobee Day 1 – Young The Giant, Lewis Del Mar, and more! 

Posted: 11:54 am Saturday, March 4th, 2017

By Evander

So ya girl (Nicole from the street team) has never camped before so you can imagine how much we looked like noobs while we were setting up our tent when we got to Okee… BUT  we got the tent up and grabbed our fanny packs (of course) and set off into the portal!

We were greeted with palm trees and large geometric shapes, because I mean why not? Some of the signs that people hold up are hilarious:photo-mar-03-5-59-48-pm

The first band we checked out was NBT 16′ artist, Lewis Del Mar! First of all we need to touch on the fact that they all have great hair. Anyways. Their sound is so unique and they put on such a funky set. Basically the entire crowd was groovin’.

[bc_video video_id=”5347685246001″ account_id=”1486906399″]

Young the Giant played later in the night and we only jumped around a little… LOL jk it’s Young the Giant- that’s impossible. Their set is always high in energy and we are HERE for Sameer’s dance moves. We finally got to see some songs off their latest album, Home of the Strange!!! Silver Tongue, Mr. Know-It-All, and Jungle Youth, just to name a few! I kind of (most definitely) lost my mind during their set, they are one of my all time favorites!

[bc_video video_id=”5347679585001″ account_id=”1486906399″]

After their set, we headed back to the campsite to grab some food. I never realize how convenient it is to camp at a festival. Food and a change of clothes is just a walk away… WHAT IS THIS LUXURY?

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