Lorde Drops New Song, Music Video For “Green Light”- Watch it Here

Lorde Drops New Song, Music Video For “Green Light”- Watch it Here 

Posted: 2:15 pm Thursday, March 2nd, 2017

By Kyle Taylor

Lorde announced on Twitter yesterday that she would be dropping her new single, “Green Light, today (Thursday at 2pm EST). And, it’s here! Enjoy.

Lorde had previously been relatively mum regarding new music. She teased her fans late last year. Then, thanks to a leaked image, we figured something would be released in early March. Well, it’s early March and this week has been an avalanche compared to the past 3 years for Lorde. She launched a website on Monday teasing the new video, and has been blowing up Twitter since then. She announced via Twitter that the video and song would be released today.


The video is directed by Grant Singer, who has most recently worked with The Weeknd on “Starboy”, “The Hills”, and “Can’t Feel My Face” as well as the Zayn/ Taylor Swift collab, “I Don’t Want To Live Forever”. It’s safe to say this video is going to be awesome. There is still hope for a T-Swift/ Lorde collab, given that they have a connection through Singer, but I’m not holding my breath on that. Until then enjoy the song.