Beck Announces Release Date For New Album

Beck Announces Release Date For New Album 

Posted: 11:30 am Thursday, March 2nd, 2017

By Kyle Taylor

Following his Album of the Year Grammy win for Morning Phase, Beck continued his run of success releasing the hit singles “Wow”, “Dreams”, and the FIFA soundtrack song “Up All Night”. These singles were, and still are slated to be a part of his 10th studio album, which was initially set to be released in the summer of 2015. That release date was then pushed back to November 2016, and obviously that never came to fruition. Now, in an interview with The New York Time’s T Magazine, Beck claims the album will be released this spring. At this point we’ll believe it when we see it, but it is nonetheless exciting news.

In that same interview, Beck describes the 10 songs to be included on the album as

“simple and uplifting and galvanizing, where the spirit moves you, that kind of feeling. Those are the hardest. This new record I focused on that feeling. It’s the easiest to fail at. Or to come off on one hand disingenuous, or on the other hand just trite, or, you know, there’s that fine line between platitude and just the truth. And that fine line between making a big commotion and a bunch of movement and just actual unadulterated joy.”
He later adds that he almost wrote a “Happy” song for Pharrell Williams. By the time he showed up to the studio, Pharrell had already demoed what came to be his smash hit song “Happy”, and there wasn’t much need for Beck anymore. He described the incident with The New York Time’s T Magazine as such:
“All I know is I want to do something that’s really happy.’ I literally walk in, ‘Hey, how are you,’ and we sit down. Pharrell says, ‘I just finished mixing this song, you gotta hear this.’ And he put on ‘Happy.’ It was one of those moments where you laugh to yourself and think, ‘O.K., so maybe we’ll do something else because I think you kinda nailed this one’.”
In other news, previously unheard Beck songs unsurfaced just last week. What was original contributed to the 2011 film, I am Number Four, the song “Curfew” was just been released 6 years later by director, D.J. Caruso. The song “Curfew” can be heard in snippets during the film, but the full recording has never been heard until now.