Chris Martin Pays Tribute To George Michael At Brit Awards

Chris Martin Pays Tribute To George Michael At Brit Awards 

Posted: 3:33 pm Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

By Kyle Taylor


The 2017 Brit Awards featured a teary eyed tribute to George Michael, with heartfelt speeches from his former Wham! bandmates and a moving performance by Coldplay’s Chris Martin of Michael’s 1986 song “A Different Corner”. The most powerful moment of the song took place when Martin began to duet with a archival video footage of Michael displayed on the big screens in the 02 Arena.

It was just after the footage depicted Michael saying, “I never really wanted to be anyone else” that Martin jumped back into a verse with Michael, and the two sang the rest of the song together. The makeshift duet couldn’t have been played off better. The audience was already teary eyed following his former Wham! band mates paid him a eulogy, and then Chris Martin brought the house down.

Martin previously paid tribute to George Michael with a cover of “Last Christmas” following Michael’s death on, Christmas. That tribute was far more impromptu and stripped down, taking place at a London based charity called Crisis.

Just a couple of weeks ago Adele paid tribute to Michael at the Grammys when she performed his song “Fastlove”. She garnered a lot of attention after restarting the song, stating “I’m sorry for swearing and I’m sorry for starting again. I can’t mess this up for him”. Watch her full performance below.