New Lorde Album Could Be Released This March…?

New Lorde Album Could Be Released This March…? 

Posted: 3:19 pm Thursday, February 16th, 2017

By Kyle Taylor

This image from Republic Records was leaked earlier today, and it is quickly making its way around the internet.

According to this, we will have new music from Lorde on March 7th. Whether it’s a full album or just a single, the image doesn’t make it clear enough to discern. Either way it looks quite promising. Could this image be fake? Of course. Is it? Probably not. Here’s why:

Lorde has been teasing a new album on social media since last November. One of the most obvious tweets was this…

Lorde hints at new album

She also posted a very personal note to Facebook on her birthday last year that included quotes like this,

“Writing ‘Pure Heroine’ was my way of enshrining our teenage glory, putting it up in lights forever so that part of me never dies, and this record – well, this one is about what comes next.”
And perhaps the most damning evidence of an imminent record are her festival gigs booked this summer. As of now, you can catch her at Bonnaroo, Governors Ball, and Coachella among a few others. It’s quite uncommon for an artist to snag a headlining or sub headlining gig at festival 4 years after the initial hype of a debut album has worn off, such as the case for Lorde.
Musically, Lorde has been very quite since releasing Pure Herione 2013. One of her only performances came at a David Bowie tribute last year. She recorded songs for The Hunger Games and released a new single, “Magnets”, featuring Disclosure. Socially, she has been quite active, solidifying and promoting her relationship with best friend Taylor Swift. The real question is whether or not Taylor makes an appearance on the new album…?


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