Taking Back Sunday Release Dramatic Video For Call Come Running

Taking Back Sunday Release Dramatic Video For Call Come Running 

Posted: 8:40 am Thursday, February 9th, 2017

By Kyle Taylor

Taking Back Sunday released a new music video for “Call Come Running”, premiered on Paper Magazine earlier today. The very personal video depicts a bloody, dazed Adam Lazzara wondering around his home town in North Carolina until he runs into his father, played by his actual father.

The video mirrors that of a coming of age tale, similar to the rest of Taking Back Sunday’s most recent work. With almost two decades under their belts, the bandmates have grown into adulthood and family life together. As expected, those influences are starting to trickle into their music. Lazzara explained some of this in an interview with Paper Magazine as well…

“Just like with any of the other records…it’s always just been this autobiographical thing, and things are winding down. For a long time we were just like very much the band and the music was our lives. I know at least for me that was everything revolved around just ever since I was a teenager…I think [this album]’s just a product of growing up a little more.”

Watch the video below: