Portugal. The Man Announce Spring 2017 Tour, First Area Show in 5 Years

Portugal. The Man Announce Spring 2017 Tour, First Area Show in 5 Years 

Posted: 1:10 pm Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

By Kyle Taylor

It’s been a while since we’ve heard much from Portugal. The Man, literally and figuratively. It’s been 8 years since they played St. Pete proper and 5 years since their last show in Tampa. Since that Spring 2012 tour, they released Evil Friends, there 7th and most recent studio album. This will end soon. April 8th to be exact, in which Portugal. The Man will take over Jannus Live, and you can enter here to score a pair of tickets from 97X!

The Alaska based indie rockers ended 2016 with a bit of excitement- releasing a new song in response to the rough year 2016 proved to be for many people. The song is called “Noise Pollution” and was accompanied by a strange music video and this message”

“It’s been a rough month y’all.
Not to be dramatic and shit, but there’s a flood of noise right now that feels like it might drown us all. And it’s harder and harder to tell what’s fact, what’s opinion, and what’s just straight up bullshit.
We’re not able to make sense of it, much less tell you how to make sense of it. Thank God there’s music for that. We’ve been working on a new record with your boy Michael Diamond for awhile, but we made a quick stop in Alaska with filmmaker Michael Ragen to shoot this video. Seemed like the right time to show it to you.
We’re in this together.”


This blurb of news proved to ultimately evidence of the band’s emergence from, I guess, hibernation? Alaska is a bit cold. Not only do they have an extensive tour planned, but they also have a new album (?) in the works. Supposedly their 8th studio album, titled Gloomin + Doomin, is being produced by super star Mike D of the Beastie Boys. A fresh tour is always good evidence of a new album on the horizon, so I would expect to hear some new Portugal. The Man tunes on April 8th.

Oh, and in case you missed it, they stopped by our studio the last time they were in the area. Here’s a flashback:

[bc_video video_id=”2732917225001″ account_id=”1486906399″]