The internet is photoshopping guns for thumbs and it’s hilarious

The internet is photoshopping guns for thumbs and it’s hilarious 

Posted: 8:29 am Friday, January 27th, 2017

By Evander

The internet strikes again.
A blog out of the UK is removing guns from famous movie snapshots, leaving the actors simply wielding a pair of cocked thumbs, and it’s incredible.

1.  Pulp Fictionguns-replaced-thumbs-up-18

Vincent and Jules look slightly less intimidating and more like a response to a sarcastic comment 😌

2. Star Wars
han-and-chewie-thumbs-preston-e*When someone says they don’t like star wars*☝

The trend bares a strikingly similar feel to that of the guitarists holding slugs trend that died out (rightfully so)xpjaiui-1

3. Scarface

Nothing screams “Turn me into a meme” more than Tony Montana giving you the 2-thumb-scour.

4. Die Hard


5. Rambo


Check out more of the photos here.

What will the internet think of next? 😝