Who is Mondo Cozmo?

Who is Mondo Cozmo? 

Posted: 11:11 am Thursday, January 19th, 2017

By Kyle Taylor

Joshua Ostrander aka Mondo Cozmo is a Philadelphia born and LA based singer song writer. He’s been around the alt rock scene since 2004 when he was a member of the band, LaGuardia, who was signed to Universal Records at the time. From there, he broke off with a fellow bandmate to form Easter Conference Champions. Late last year, Ostrander began to dabble in a solo career under the guise of Mondo Cozmo.

Mondo Cozmo

Eastern Conference Champions

Dabble is a perhaps a bit underwhelming, for Ostrander has generated quite the buzz ever since releasing his first single, “Hold On To Me”. Most of the buzz was generated in and around the LA music scene, but his most recent single “Shine” got immediate traction online and has begun making it to the airwaves of major commercial alt rock stations nationwide. The genre bending anthemic sound, Bob Dylan esque hominess, and indie rock stylings of “Shine” make it unique, especially amid artists ever so heavily influenced by electronic and synth infused sounds. Mondo Cozmo should continue to gain huge popularity as he gets more airplay and should he decide to release a full length album.

If you have looked up Mondo Cozmo on Spotify you will see that he only has 3 songs available. If you have paid attention to the fine printed artists on the bottom of festival lineups, like Hangout, Shaky Knees, Gov Ball, and Forecastle, you may have noticed Mondo Cozmo’s name. Expect his sets to be early in the day, but very busy. His placement among those bills don’t do him justice considering the buzz he is generating. Get to know Mondo Cozmo now before he blows up, so you can say you knew him before it was popular.

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