97x NBT Artist of the Week: COIN

97x NBT Artist of the Week: COIN 

Posted: 4:29 pm Wednesday, October 19th, 2016

By Kyle Taylor

The pop rock quartet COIN, stylized with all caps, has recently risen from the ever saturated music scene of Nashville to radios and Spotify accounts nationwide. The four band mates all met and formed COIN while students at Nashville’s Belmont University. Aside from maybe Vampire Weekend, you rarely hear of college bands becoming musical success stories. In a city infiltrated by aspiring musicians, COIN was able to stand out. Whiles dozens of their fellow classmates were aspiring artists, songwriters, or composers, COIN took a different approach. They took it upon themselves to apply what they learned in the classroom and bring it to the stage. Like most aspiring Nashville musicians, when they weren’t performing, they were hustling to promote themselves. In a competitive scene like Nashville, it is hard to get noticed without having somewhat of a following. However, if you never get a chance to perform gigs, it’s hard to gather a following.

They sold out one of their first ever live shows in July of 2013, which would end up being 2 years before releasing their debut album. Whatever magic they worked to sell out shows like that also got them noticed by Columbia Records, who signed the band in the fall of 2013. And just like that these college punks escaped the monotonous cafeteria lines, homogeneous classrooms, and stale dorm rooms at Belmont (or rather just college in general) to musical stardom.

Well… not quite yet. COIN may have a shiny new record deal, but there is no music to go with it. Aside from their niche fans in and around Nashville, COIN is irrelevant at this point in time. In the ever digital world we live in nowadays, record deals are not nearly as promising as they were back when record labels had all of the power over distribution. COIN still has work to do, in order to burst out of Nashville.

It’s now 2015, and their first single “Run” is starting to circulate online and on satellite radio stations. That’s where I first heard them, but the song had yet to hit major commercial radio stations by this point. I then happened to catch them on tour with Neon Trees later that yea and was sold on the band immediately. They released their debut album in June of 2015. If you haven’t given it a listen, then you’re missing out.

Following limited success of their self titled debut album, COIN didn’t waste much time making new music. Fast forward to now, and you are probably just getting familiar with COIN because of the success “Talk Too Much” has been. COIN‘s sound is a heavy dose of pop, with rock instrumentation. According to drummer Ryan, their music can be described as “pop songs, with real instruments and a lot more energy”. A LOT of energy at that. COIN‘s live show is quite a spectacle of human performance. The lead singer, Chase, must partake in Zumba classes, or something of the like, because that’s what it looks like he’s doing on stage.


The band’s next show in the area happens to be at The Social in November with 97x BBQ alum, Bad Suns. Unfortunately, that show is sold out, so I guess you’ll have to wait until Next Big Thing to see them in Tampa! Get your tickets here, if you haven’t yet.