Phantogram, Green Day, Sum 41 Highlight a Week of New Album Releases!

Phantogram, Green Day, Sum 41 Highlight a Week of New Album Releases! 

Posted: 11:29 am Monday, October 10th, 2016

By Kyle Taylor

Fridays have become synonymous with new music releases, and last week was no different. Numerous new albums were released last Friday, but perhaps none more anticipated than Greenday’s Revolution Radio, Sum 41‘s 13 Voices, and Phantogram’s Three. To makes things even better, they all appear to be very good albums, based on my opinion, combined with early critical response. Even more good news is that one of these bands just so happens to be playing Next Big Thing this year (Phantogram!). Sum 41 just played St. Pete’s State Theatre as part of their Don’t Call It a Sum Back Tour. Green Day also just announced a 2017 album in support of Revolution Radio, but unfortunately, there’s not a single stop anywhere in Florida 😦

Phantogram Three 


97x Next Big Thing Artists, Phantogram, are firing on all cylinders following the release of Three. An edgy, honest, and upbeat album, Three is sure to please fans, both new and old. This album should open them up to a wider audience and excite fans they picked up during their recent stint with Big Boi from Outkast, under the guise of Big Grams. Their previous album, Voices, released in 2014, put Phantogram on the map with hit tracks such as “Fall in Love”. They have a knack for conveying cripplingly unhappy songs in a catchy way, but with Three they are able to find a more optimistic message amid their darkness. The apparent personal and professional growth is what I like most about Three. Definitely do not miss them at this year’s 97x Next Big Thing!


Green Day Revolution Radio


Green Day provided us with perhaps the most anticipated and unexpected album of 2016. Revolution Radio has been 4 years in the making, and is their best work since 2004’s American Idiot. Revolution Radio doesn’t have to be good, and to some critics it’s not. It doesn’t matter, however, because these pop punks have turned into full blown rock stars, whose legacy will live on forever. This album is the result of over 2 decades of success, lessons learned, and maturation in an ever arduous industry. An older Billie Joe Armstrong doesn’t mean he isn’t mad as ever. He is at his best when he writes songs about himself, and Revolution Radio is no different. Where the album loses itself is when he tries to speak for the audience. What Green Day needs to keep in mind is that Armstrong speaks for all of us freaks and geeks out there when he talks about himself. We are all Green Day.


Sum 41 13 Voices

Don’t call it a “Sum back” they say. Well, I will gladly call it hell of a comeback. 13 Voices should challenge Green Day’s Revolution Radio for the album of the year in this genre. After a near death experience as a result of alcoholism, lead singer Deryck Whibley walks a tightrope between both anger and darkness, and hope and inspiration to make this album sizzle. This is Sum 41’s most open, honest, and passionate album yet, and to some critics, is their best ever. It is definitely worth listening to and not just for the nostalgia factor. 13 Voices carries its own weight, thanks to the whirlwind of tragedy influencing it.




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