Get to Know Your 97X NBT Headliners, The 1975: 10 Facts You Should Know Now!

Get to Know Your 97X NBT Headliners, The 1975: 10 Facts You Should Know Now! 

Posted: 12:03 pm Tuesday, September 27th, 2016

By Kyle Taylor


Hey 97x and music fans alike! You are in for a treat this December! I have seen The 1975 twice now, and they put on one of the most captivating live shows I have ever seen. I didn’t know much about them or their music going in to either show, but left wanting more. After researching them and learning more of their music, I am ever so stoked to see them at the 97x Next Big Thing December 3rd, and you should be too!

The 1975 burst onto the scene in 2013 following the release of their self titled debut album, The 1975, that included hits “Chocolate”, “Sex”, and “Girls”. Riding the success of that album, they played the 97X BBQ in 2014 to a packed Vinoy Park. I was in attendance for that show (before I worked for 97X) and was impressed, but I admit that besides “Chocolate”, I knew nothing else about them. After that show and then, more recently, one listen through their latest chart topping release of I Like it When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of it, I was sold. Commanded by hit songs “The Sound” and “Someone Else”, their sophomore album is an ambitious departure from the teenage strife riddled lyrics from their debut, but a successful departure at that. It was initially met with widespread critical acclaim and backed that up by garnering the band’s first No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 charts.

Their live show is not to be outdone by the band’s studio work, however. They have received generous praise for their performances at major music festivals like Coachella, Reading & Leeds, and a headlining set at Glastonbury. Add to that their groovy arena rock sound and award winning stage lighting (they just won the 2016 Aytron Award for said category), and you’re sure to enjoy their upcoming performance at the 97X Next Big Thing!

They may have just put out their sophomore album, but these guys have graduated to the big stage. They are ready to headline almost anything, and I can’t wait to be there with you all watching them bring down the house at Next Big Thing!

If that wasn’t enough information to get you pumped, here’s 10 facts about The 1975 that are sure to get you amped for December 3rd:

 1. Their name can be traced back to St. Petersburg, Florida, well sort of. Matt Healy and The 1975 are very well read, and big into literature. Their name “The 1975”, in fact, can be found among suicidal like scribblings in the back page of a Beat poetry book, written by Jack Kerouac. Jack Kerouac was an iconic novelist and poet, known as an icon of the Beat poetry generation, and he just so happened to live in St. Pete. You can read more about his home here:


2. Their hit song “Chocolate” isn’t actually about chocolate… Sorry to burst your bubble, if you didn’t already know, but “Chocolate” is actually about marijuana use. You probably were hoping it was about love, or something like that, but no, it’s not.


3. The 1975 has major celebrity fans. The band has been asked to open up for the likes of Rihanna, One Direction, Arctic Monkeys, Paramore, and, of course, Taylor Swift. I say of course, because Matt and Taylor had been linked to a romantic relationship in the past. Healy is also personal friends with Halsey, Ed Sheeran, and Harry Styles.matt-healy4. Matt Healy’s parents are famous. Healy is the eldest son of British actors Denise Welch and Tim Healy, who are now divorced. He credits much of The 1975’s groove to his parent’s musical influences. His mom was big into Motown and his dad hugely into The Stones and Otis Redding.

WireImage via Mirror UK

WireImage via Mirror UK

5. The 1975 has been together over a decade. The band mates met at Wilmslow High School and began performing as a punk cover band. They went by the names Talkhouse, The Slowdown, Big Sleep, and Drive Like I do, before settling on The 1975. Most of their self-titled debut album was written while they were in high school, explaining the numerous references to sex, drugs, alcohol, and fear. Healy claims their latest album was written in an entirely new perspective, which makes sense, because they are far from the days of high school strife.

6. George, the drummer, is 6’5. That’s tall.

7. Matt Healy is sexually conflicted. Healy is a proponent of breaking gender norms, often opting for women’s clothes and even makeup. In an interview with GQ, he recently described himself as a “sexually confused Edward Scissorhands”.

8. Their sophomore album is the longest title to reach No 1 on the Billboard 200 chart. I Like it When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of it. Yup, that’s it. And at 71 characters it is the longest ever album title to reach No.1

8. They are mostly from Manchester. Healy is from London and Daniel is from Belgium.

9. Healy isn’t afraid to be himself onstage. He once cried through an entire set at a 2014 show in Boston, and even yelled toward a fan, “You don’t have the right to love me”. It was during that same tour that he kissed a fan on stage during “Robbers” at Aragon Ballroom in Chicago.

Find out more about Next Big There here. We can’t wait to see you there!