97X NBT artist, The Head and the Heart, Claim first #1 Charted Album

97X NBT artist, The Head and the Heart, Claim first #1 Charted Album 

Posted: 3:08 pm Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

By Nicole - Street Team

Now I’m not going to lie…The Head and the Heart was one of those bands that I had heard of and had been meaning to listen to, but never gotten around to. However, I’ve changed my ways because they just took the cake by reaching their first no.1 on the Top Rock/Alternative Album charts with ‘Signs of Light’! Clearly I’ve been sleeping on them. Have no fear, I am now woke and realize my mistakes. The band and Warner Bros. Records took their folk-y vibe and smushed it in all of our faces and i’m definitely not complaining. Image result for the head and the heart gif

Their single “All we Ever Knew” has become their biggest radio hit to date and claimed residency at the top of the charts for eight straight weeks, which is INSANE! Now let me give you an example: that’s like a semester in school.. you know how long those are. That song was up there and reigned over the charts for as long as you had to sit in your Algebra class. Yeah, that’s a long time.

The second I saw them on this year’s NBT lineup I was so pumped! I feel like they add a new dynamic to the amazing line of bands we will be bringing to your faces on December 3rd. Only 73 more days to go until I will be screaming the lyrics and making a fool of myself because their single is my JAM. I’m interested to see how they take their indie/folk twist and lay it out on stage for us. So basically after learning all this information, listening to their entire discography has moved to #1 on my to do list. Hmm, seems like my to-do list and the Top Rock Album charts have something in common 😉

Now, I know you’re dying to meet the wonderful beings that are the Head and the Heart. No worries because you will have a ton of opportunities through the upcoming months to enter for free 97X NBT tickets and special moments with all the bands. If i’m going to leave you with any sort of extra advice pertaining to these contests… download the free 97X app 😉

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