Did Somebody Say Pizza?

Did Somebody Say Pizza? 

Posted: 10:59 am Monday, August 29th, 2016

By danielle97x

First, allow me to warn you that there is no required rhyme or reason behind any blog that I write. Today, I’m inspired by pizza…so we’re going with that.

I’ve got this thing with food. It’s almost like a love affair, and I mean that quite literally.

If I tell you I’m hungry and you suggest that I drink a smoothie – I might look at you like you just robbed a kitten.

There’s something about food – and the act of eating – that I’m obsessed with.

You can try and blame it on pregnancy….but it’s a 24/7 thing for me, no matter my current physical state.

Recently, I’ve had to go as far as to cut my meals physically in half once they’re on my plate, reminding myself that the leftovers are going to taste just as amazing the next day, so that I don’t eat myself into literal pain.

Ok, so….pizza.

Can we all agree that it’s the most amazing food on earth?

Bread. Cheese. Sauce (sometimes). And really – that’s all I need.

I’ll eat the hell outta some CiCi’s Pizza (seriously, my record was 13 slices – no crust), but I still consider myself a ‘snob’ because 99.9% of the time, I’m only interested in your cheese pizza.

I think of cheese pizza kinda like an acoustic performance from your favorite band (wait for it)…

When an artist plays acoustic, they’re totally stripped down. They screw up? You hear it. Their voice is off pitch? You hear it. Same for a cheese pizza, right? If you’ve only got your 3 basic ingredients (dough, sauce, cheese), your mouth TOTALLY knows when something is good – and when it’s not.

So, how did I get inspired by pizza today? Easy…and also tragic.

You see today, at approximately 9am as I was passing through the break room, I waltzed right past these empty boxes:

Pizza Boxes

My heart was broken. My mouth watering. Why did they just leave them  half-open on top of the trash? Who IS this pizza monster? Now do you see what kind of problem I have?

I decided I had to make it better. And blogging about it – while eating my Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Lara Bar (forgot lunch at home) – seems to be doing the trick.

So, here’s a random quiz about pizza…

Now you go enjoy your day, and if you end up grabbing a slice for lunch…just promise you’ll eat a cheese one for me. 🙂