About that McGregor vs. Diaz Matchup…

About that McGregor vs. Diaz Matchup… 

Posted: 10:25 am Monday, August 22nd, 2016

By danielle97x

So, does it shock you that I waited until the age of 30 to buy my very first Pay-Per-View event?

Oh, no? How bout when I tell you that I spent my coveted money on a UFC fight where I spent hours anticipating a match-up that would no doubt end in blood and broken bones…

Well, I did…and btw, I’m #Team McGregor ALL DAY.

UFC 202 was NO disappointment. Five rounds of blood, sweat, and tears were shed (and that was just what was happening on my couch) before McGregor was named the champ by decision in the epic rematch.

I’m by NO MEANS an intense sports fan…unless we’re talking about the Lightning…but I AM a huge fan of Connor.

He’s just the perfect amount sarcastic a-hole with a sprinkle of nice guy. I watch when he fights. I cheer like a dude when he kicks his opponent so hard he leaves an instant bruise, and I cringe like a nervous mom when his back is up the wall (or when he’s getting his face pummeled in).

Anywho…back to the win. I was so  happy. Happy to see my favorite jerk get revenge on the guy who brought him down last time with only 11 days notice, but MORE happy that with each guy now having one win, there HAD to be a re-match, right?

Surely I’d get to watch these two go at it again (and purchase my second PPV event).


UFC president Dana White claims he’s ‘not interested’ in seeing these two settle the score with a third fight…

Come on, dude…REALLY?!

Do you have any idea what kind of money you’re turning your back on if you don’t let these guys come face-to-face one more time?

Do you have any clue how unsettled you are leaving this?

And really…do you have any idea what I can spend my next PPV money on? Staying up past my bedtime for $60 was fun. 😉