Ummmm I Don’t Think There’s a Gold Medal for That Belly Flop

Ummmm I Don’t Think There’s a Gold Medal for That Belly Flop 

Posted: 10:02 am Wednesday, August 17th, 2016

By danielle97x

I’ve been totally sucked into everything that’s going on in Rio…along with the rest of the world…over the past week and a half.

The other day, I watched a guy false-start his race during qualifying – which meant he wasn’t even allowed to compete in the actual event he’d been training YEARS for. As he literally laid crying on the sidelines, my stomach was in knots for him. I couldn’t imagine the disappointment he felt.

On the total opposite end of the spectrum, this EPIC diving fail yesterday by 2012 gold medalist Ilya Zakharov from Russia left me mildly amused (an emotion I later felt semi-guilty about).

I blame the commentators. There’s no hiding their shock and disgust at what happened to this poor dude. #DatFormDoe

Check it out:

Speaking of bellies…here’s a RANDOM KNOWLEDGE BOMB:

Did you know that there was a movie called ‘Belly’ starring Nas and DMX (that also technically ‘flopped’ at the box office) in 1998?

BOOM. #TheMoreYouKnow