Today in 97X History – August 17th

Today in 97X History – August 17th 

Posted: 8:00 am Wednesday, August 17th, 2016

By Dan - 97X Program Director

On August 17, 2007, Laura Jane Grace and James Bowman of Against Me! performed the first of four epic 97X Green Room performances.  (Note: The date on the video shows 8/18, but that is incorrect!)

They were in town playing a show at Jannus Landing with Gaslight Anthem.   97X was playing “Thrash Unreal” at the time so we asked them to come in and perform a couple acoustic songs for winners and staff.

This 97X Green Room performance was my first taste of the power of this band live.  Laura’s voice left most of us in awe.

In subsequent years, the band has shown great love to 97X.  In addition to the previously mentioned four Green Room performances, they appeared at two 97X Next Big Things (2007 & 2010) and Laura performed an amazing acoustic set at the 97X Green Room: One Night Only event in 2013.

They’re new album, “Shape Shift with Me” will be released next month and they’ll be returning to Tampa on October 12th at Jannus Live.