INTERVIEW: Adam from X Ambassadors

INTERVIEW: Adam from X Ambassadors 

Posted: 2:44 pm Sunday, June 12th, 2016

By Joel

Adam from X Ambassadors with Joel and Evander, Bonnaroo 2016Flying by the seat of our pants backstage at Bonnaroo! We were about to leave and grab some lunch – I still haven’t had an amish donut during my time on the farm – when we got word that a couple of the guys from X Ambassadors would be dropping by Radio Roo in the next few minutes! Well, my amish donut fix can wait if it means I’m delivering the goods for you fine people.

X Ambassadors drummer Adam Levin sat down. He snapchatted us while we Facebook Live-d him – because these are the times we live in – then we talked about X Ambassadors playing our free Bud And Burgers event on Saturday June 18 and the band’s forthcoming VHS 2.0 expanded album release featuring some brand new music created with several superstar collaborators. I’ll let Adam tell you who…

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